All events listed on the Unrestrainable Events Calendar must be associated with the guild. Examples include guild events, Raids, Guild Meetings, Fun Events, and other events. All Events are reviewed, edited, and added to the calendar at the discretion of the Guild Master (Demoshzer) and the officers of the guild. If you have any issues listing your events or have questions either mail or see Demoshzer or any of the officers in the guild or see the help section below. All events posted on the calendar are recommended to have a 24 hour notice. It is also recommended that you post your event on the calendar in game as well. This will not auto post to the game calendar. If an event does not appear to meet the requirements, it will be deleted from the calendar submission queue. Publication of events is at the discretion of the calendar editor.


  • Titles

    When writing your title, make sure it can stand alone and people will get an understanding of what the event is, if only the title is displayed. Some view formats of the calendar will display only the title without the description.

  • Description

    Recommend putting the most important information near the top, and concentrate why people will want to come to your event. Most people skim the first few sentences.  Please be detalied on your event if its something other then raid.  Example: If you want people to have everyone have their guild tabard on and a ton of leather balls in thier bags and meet in org. please let them know.

  • Location

    Use the Instance Icon Keys in the "Place" input to label with an icon the location of the raid. Example:Tot for Throne of Thunder. If its an other place like in a Horde city. Then please try to leave where at or other info like cords.
  • Time

    Just remeber that the server time is EST time. So please list all events that you might want to do to EST time. As well again be sure to post those on the in game calander. Posting anything to the calander on this site does not auto post it in game. Posting both places will allow players who are in game and out of game to check for guild events.